• Residents upset about possible tree-like cell tower

    By: Sydney Zuckerman


    NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. - A proposed cell phone tower is making some North Andover residents upset.

    The tower, proposed by Varsity Wireless, would soar 115 feet above the forest and kind of resemble a tree.

    The planning board met to discuss the issue Tuesday. If approved, the tower will be on an ancestral farm.

    Lanie Finsbury lives near the proposed tower site.

    “I feel very upset that a cell tower operator which is a commercial use could seek a variance in an agricultural district. I mean it's not just a residential district, we're a farm. All of us,” Finsbury said.

    Disguising cell phone towers as trees has been done before, but because of the height difference with the rest of the trees, this one may disturb the natural look of the landscape.

    The tower would improve cell signal in the area.  


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