• Would-be robber unable to break window with rock, gets shamed by police

    By: Steven Yablonski


    NORWOOD, Mass. - A would-be robber in Norwood was shamed by the police department after footage shows him trying to break a window with a 10-pound rock, but giving up and walking away when he failed to break it.

    Norwood police responded to reports of an attempted break-in at Pam’s Market on Pleasant Street around 3 a.m. Friday. A search was conducted to try and find the person responsible, but was unable to locate the robber.

    On its Facebook page Thursday, Norwood police released footage of the attempted break-in, and shamed the suspect for being too weak to break the window.

    “We are looking for assistance in identifying the suspect who can be seen in the very clear (and somewhat comical) surveillance footage,” the department said in the Facebook post. “He has the ability to hurl a 10-pound boulder multiple times, but lacks the strength to provide proper trajectory in order to gain entry.”

    Police described the robber as a white male with a tall, thin build.

    “While we use a sense of humor, the fact is that the suspect committed a serious offense and a local business was inconvenienced,” Norwood police said. “Had the suspect gained entry, which was his ultimate goal, we would be looking at an even larger offense.”

    Anyone with information about the attempted break-in should call Norwood police.

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