• Woman's fight for anonymity after Powerball win heads to court


    NASHUA, NH - A woman who says she's now a millionaire will fight to keep her anonymity Tuesday in a court in New Hampshire.

    As communicated through her lawyers, a New Hampshire woman said she has the winning Powerball ticket worth $560 million, drawn on Jan. 6. 

    As needed to turn it in, she signed the back of the ticket with her name and hometown. Her attorneys say the winner was not aware she could have had a  trust sign the ticket for her, and she signed it herself before realizing that. 

    They say she’s already getting requests from people she does not know looking for help; she is concerned because of past lottery winners being harassed. 

    The woman's lawyer has filed a case requesting to keep her anonymous. They are looking for an exemption from the NH “right to know law ” related to the winning ticket.

    The state of NH has filed a motion to dismiss in the case, saying even if she assigns the winnings to a trust, she has to submit the winning ticket in its original form. If she were to use white out or tamper with it in some way it could lead to a disqualification of the winning ticket. 

    A judge will hear the motion to dismiss Tuesday in court Hillsborough County Superior Court in Nashua.  

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    Woman's fight for anonymity after Powerball win heads to court

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