• Man accused of offering hitman services to undercover agent

    By: Macy Corica


    WEYMOUTH, Mass. - A man in the United States illegally has been arrested after he allegedly told a federal agent he was a hitman.
    According to court documents, in March 2017, Homeland Security received information that a man known as Marcus offered to sell guns to a federal agent. The informant, who has worked with Homeland Security since 2010, said he met Marcus through a mutual friend.

    On March 11, the informant visited Marcus at his Middle Street home in Weymouth where Marcus brought him to the basement and showed him two guns and a bag of various ammunition. Marcus allegedly offered to get the man guns if he wanted any and told him that he would kill anybody for a fee.

    With the help of Weymouth police, Marcus was identified as 36-year-old Acemar Damaceno, a Brazilian man who is in the country illegally.

    “Now that’s scary. So, if I said to somebody, I have a guy who…. That’s how easily they could take somebody’s life,” said a Weymouth woman who asked to be identified as Beth.

    On April 6, officials obtained a search warrant for Damaceno’s home. They stopped him that morning as he was leaving his home, where he admitted that he had entered the country illegally. He was arrested and officials entered his home. They found the guns Damaceno had shown to the informant, one of which was reported stolen out of Naugatuck, Connecticut in October 2011. Police found the ammunition and learned that it had also been brought over state lines.

    “This is such a family-friendly neighborhood, I’m absolutely shocked,” said neighbor Sedric Miles.

    During Damaceno’s interview with law enforcement later that day, he admitted that the guns and ammunition were his. He also told officials he is not a U.S. citizen and has been here since illegally crossing the United States/Mexico border without inspection in 2002.

    Homeland Security says there is no record of Damaceno entering the country, applying for benefits, or possessing residency in the U.S. He does not have a visa, driver’s license, or valid social security number.

    Damaceno is in U.S. Marshals custody and has a bail hearing Friday afternoon in federal court.

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