• TSA warns against truck-ramming attacks


    Trucks and buses are at the center of the latest government warning regarding possible terrorist attacks and big cities are being told to stay on alert.

    The TSA is warning truck and bus companies to be on the on the lookout for potential terrorists. They say terrorists may be looking to drive large vehicles into people and buildings.

    In a six-page document released to truck and bus companies, the TSA highlighted 17 incidents around the world that have killed more than 170 people since 2014.

    This comes after the recent attack in Stockholm, Sweden where a truck was driven into pedestrians on a street before crashing into a department store. Four people were killed.

    More than 80 people were killed in Nice, France last summer when a man drove a truck into a large crowd.

    This announcement also comes as the city of Boston and Red Sox officials made a decision to close down Lansdowne Street outside Fenway Park on game days to prevent potential terror attacks.

    During this year’s Boston Marathon, security officials took new steps to make sure runners and fans were safe.

    Dump trucks were parked alongside streets to protect the crowds and officers received additional training to detect if someone was up to something suspicious.

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