• Those valuable 1970 quarters are probably not in your couch

    By: Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    LAS VEGAS - An eBay auction featuring an unusual coin has many people checking their own coin collection.

    2016 story from Woman’s World indicated that the auction listed a 1970 U.S. quarter for sale at $35,000. The reason for the steep price? A claim that the rare quarter was one of a possible few made on top of 1941 Canada quarters.

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    The auction listing was for a “1970-S Proof Washington Quarter Struck on 1941 Canada Quarter NGC PF 65." The auction was posted by Mike Byers, Inc.

    Byers himself gave an interview about the quarter, in which he said the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation certified the coin. According to the NGC, the rare and unique error occurred at the San Francisco Mint, but just how the error came about has not been revealed.

    Byers says he is a professional Numismatist and that the coin was originally bought by a coin dealer at an auction sponsored by the state of California.

    When looking for loose change, it’s unlikely that the average person would find such a coin in his or her possession.

    According to the urban myth-busting site Snopes, the 1970 quarter with the mint error was a proof coin and never released into circulation. It is unknown how many other such coins may have been made.

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