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    BOSTON - The following is a transcript of Tom Brady's media appearance Friday morning ahead of the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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    Q: How is your hand?
    TB: I’m not talking about it.  
    Q: Thumbs up or thumbs down for Sunday?  
    TB: We’ll see. 
    Q: Did you throw any footballs today?  
    TB: I’m not talking about that.   
    Q: Did you practice today? 
    TB: I was out there.  
    Q: Were you out there for the entire practice?
    TB: Yeah.
    Q: How was practice? 
    TB: It was fun.  
    Q: How much are you looking forward to the opportunity on Sunday?
    TB: It is a great challenge. I think the team has worked hard to get to this point. It will be a great game. We are playing against a really good team that is good in all phases. We are going to have to play really well. 
    Q: Are you going to have to be at the top of your game on Sunday to beat Jacksonville?
    TB: Absolutely. It is the best team we have faced all year. They are here for a reason. They obviously are a top-ranked defense in the league, some great players at all levels and really well coached, scoring a lot of points. We are going to have to play really well. 
    Q: How confident are you that you will play Sunday? 
    TB: We’ll see.  
    Q: Does it worry you at all that you missed some practice and you have to be at the top of your game when you play Jacksonville?  
    TB: Yeah, I would always rather practice. Yeah, absolutely.   
    Q: Are you confident you will be at the top of your game on Sunday and be physically capable?
    TB: We’ll see. 
    Q: Can you reflect on your relationship and friendship with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels?  
    TB: He has been a great coach and a great friend. I think he is so well prepared and gets me prepared every week. He is so diligent. He is just a great coach. I love playing for him. I love working with him. We have had a lot of fun together.   
    Q: Some people have said you and Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia ‘go at it’ during practice in a good way. Can you talk about the two of you talking some smack to one another?
    TB: Yeah, absolutely. There is a lot of that. He is the defensive coordinator so try to keep things lively in practice and little friendly competition and try to get everyone juiced up a bit. 
    Q: Why are you wearing gloves to the press conference?  
    TB: I have worn them before. 
    Q: When you are managing an injury, is it more of a factor of functionality of gripping and throwing or pain management when you have dealt with injuries in the past?
    TB: They are all different. It is football.   
    Q: What exactly happened on Wednesday with ‘the collision’?
    TB: I’m not talking about it, OK? 
    Q: Is there anything you can share about the next couple of days and what will determine your playing status?
    TB: I have no idea.     
    Q: How much similarity do you see with this Jaguars team and past Seahawks defenses?   
    TB: A little bit different. I think they definitely do some different things schematically coverage-wise, front-wise. The players are a little bit different. It is a very unique challenge. I think their front is great. Their linebackers are very instinctive, very fast. Great cover guys in the secondary. A ball-hawking defense. They strip it off of you. They sack you. They scored eight or nine touchdowns on defense. They are a great defense. 
    Q: Why are you wearing gloves inside?   
    TB: She already asked that. 
    Q: You have been a high-five guy in the past. Is it fair to say you are going to be a fist-bump guy for the rest of the weekend?  
    TB: We’ll see. 
    Q: You had an opportunity to see Patriots QB Brian Hoyer take first-team reps yesterday. How did he look? 
    TB: Brian has always looked good. Brian does a great job.  
    Q: Have you worked with Hoyer to help prepare for the possibility that you might not play?   
    TB: We are in the same meetings every day. We are sitting right next to each other. Whatever I am hearing or saying, he is hearing the same thing. 
    Q: Have you played in a game in more pain than you are in right now?   
    TB: I have played in a lot of games with pain. 
    Q: Have you ever thrown the ball with gloves in a game?   
    TB: It has been a long time. 

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