• Town considers charging fee after rescues involving Jaws of Life


    SEABROOK, N.H. – The Jaws of Life are designed to save people from wreckage after a serious car crash, but one town is considering charging hundreds of dollars for every time they’re used.

    Seabrook Town Manager Bill Manzi said the proposal was unveiled earlier this week and received preliminary approval, but since then the feedback has been less than positive.

    Using the life-saving tools isn’t cheap though, and that’s what Manzi said influenced the proposal.

    “There’s some expense to it, whether it be running it, maintaining it,” he said. “The chief's intent is to try and take some of the burden off Seabrook taxpayers and put it on users.”

    They’re only used two or three times a year, but under the proposed plan those who are rescued would have $500 billed to their insurance company.

    If someone can’t pay the fee would be saved, but some people still say this is one fee that goes too far.

    “I don't think they should. I think anybody who needs jaws of life should get it no matter what. There should be no charge and it should be part of the service,” Dan McKallagat said.

    Town Manager Manzi said he has to do more research, and a final recommendation will be made to the Board of Selectmen in January.


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