• Surveillance video shows armed liquor store robbery in Brockton


    BROCKTON, Mass. - Brockton police have released surveillance video from a recent armed robbery with the hopes of bringing them one step closer to catching those involved.

    It’s been a week since Bud’s Quick Pik on North Quincy was robbed, and police released the video hoping someone will come forward to identify the robbers.

    One suspect was holding a knife and was seen walking through the store to see if there were any customers. He’s then seen walking around the counter to where the female clerk was standing, and handed over a black bag.

    Police said it appeared as though another suspect had a gun.

    Police were notified of the robbery by the store’s owner, who was not there at the time. When officers arrived, they said they spoke to the clerk.

    The robbers were able to get away on foot.

    Information about how much money was stolen was not released, but the video shows the robbers grabbing two bottles of vodka on the way out.

    Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Brockton police.

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