• Senate tax bill slammed by Mass. protesters, lawmakers


    A group gathered outside of the Apple store on Boylston St. Saturday, protesting the tax bill passed by the U.S. Senate in the early morning hours.

    They said big businesses – like Apple – will be the primary beneficiaries of the new bill, which cuts the corporate tax down to 20 percent.

    “They’re just going to take our money and take it overseas so they can make even more profits by not paying taxes on it,” one speaker said.

    Congressman Seth Moulton also protested the bill Saturday during a town hall at Salem State University.

    “My main concern is that this is going to hit the middle class hard,” Congressman Moulton said. “And it’s all to just give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest.”

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    The controversial bill represents the biggest tax shift in three decades. 

    Some of the biggest changes include cutting taxes for big businesses and wealthy individuals, giving modest tax breaks for others, and removing deductions for state and local taxes and moving expenses. 

    In a statement Saturday, Senator Ed Markey slammed the bill. “In the dead of the night, Senate Republicans turned their backs on the middle class, along with any legislative standards,” Sen. Markey’s statement began, “all to fulfill their sacred obligation to the super wealthy and corporate donors to whom they promised massive tax breaks.”

    Senator Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to criticize the bill. “Tonight the @SenateGOP gave a giant tax break to the rich & left everyone else holding the bag,” she said.

    President Trump says he hopes to sign the historic tax overhaul by Christmas. 

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