• 'Selfie' surgery on the rise among teens across the country

    SPECIAL REPORT (MyFoxBoston.com) -- In recent years the number of teenagers having cosmetic and plastic surgery has increased significantly. They do it to fit in, to stop being bullied, to look like celebrities, and, a trend gaining popularity: To have a better selfie.

    Achieving the perfect selfie has turned into an obsession, one that's gone beyond photo filters and good lighting.

    Kim Kardashian is a "selfie master."

    "We all look at her selfies and take tips from it," said 19-year-old Louise. "I don't think anyone can have that flawlessness to their face without some sort of enhancement."

    A growing number of today's teens are turning to cosmetic and plastic surgery just to have a better selfie...

    "I would definitely enhance my cheekbones and have this area more defined," Louise said. "I would raise my eyebrows a little bit more in order to have a more sensual look."

    At 19, Louise says the pressures of posting a pretty selfie are very real and that undergoing needles and knifes to have one is not out of the question.

    "I would definitely go as far as to have surgery," Louise said. "<ost of my frimosts feel the same way I do, and most of them have gotten plastic surgery."

    Many may think it's crazy, that teens are just too young to alter their appearance, especially for a photo. And what parent or doctor would allow it?

    But, doctors, like Elysse Lunder say lip fillers, eyebrow fillers, and cheekbone enhancement's are common procedures, and dictated by social media pressures

    Understand the role social media could play in a teens decision

     "They've got facetime, Instagram, they have Snapchat they have to be camera ready 24-7," said Dr. Lunder. "They wanna do whatever they can do to look their best all the time."

    And selfies don't stop with the face. 

    "Ever body wants the J.Lo or the Kim Kardashian butt," Dr. Lunder said.

    Butt implants have become a selfie craze, with teens even traveling to other countries for a bigger booty.

    Maria Wood, mother of three and owner of fashion focus in Pembroke, is dedicated to empowering teens and building confidence through inward beauty.

    "I think it is scary," she said, adding that the "selfie generation" is unrealistic, and drawing the line begins at home.

    "They may think its going to make them look prettier, and more popular and everybody's going to like them, but in reality there's a backlash. They'll then be judged for being so vain."

    With celebrities posting perfect, unattainable,  sometimes photoshopped images, the selfie obsession continues to grow, and teens will continue to plump, cut, and inject themselves, all to be "liked."

    "If i post a selfie up and I go to school and I know that people liked it, and I see those people at school, every time you see that person in the hallway you feel confident - like oh that person thinks I look good - so its all about the likes," Louise said.

    Dr. Lunder said that although she hasn't seen an abnormal spike in teenagers looking to enhance themselves though her doors here, it is popular in other metropolitan cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles, and that since Boston generally lags behind a few years, the trend could hit here soon

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, parental consent for any plastic surgery is required for anyone under the age of 18.

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