• Running low on heating oil? You could be waiting a while


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    • Customers are being wait listed because of demand
    • One oil company says diesel fuel could do in a pinch

    Heating oil customers across New England are waiting in line because oil companies are struggling to meet the demand in the extreme cold. 

    We rode along with Jim Richmond, a driver for Stadium Oil, on Wednesday. He told us he would deliver oil to 30 or 40 homes before the day was over.

    “We don’t even get our truck out of the garage and we have more deliveries being added on,” he said. “It’s just -- I’ve never seen anything like it.” 

    John Garney, one of 723,000 people in Massachusetts who depend on heating oil to get through the winter, says his oil company told him he’s on a waiting list. 

    “She called this morning and they said they’re so busy they won’t be able to get here until Saturday,” he said. 

    Heating oil is very expensive. Right now, a gallon of regular gasoline is $2.75, while a gallon of oil is $3.03.

    Richmond says if you’re running low, there is something you can do to get through the storm. 

    “You can always just go get ten gallons of diesel fuel at the gas station and pour it in. Give you peace of mind, you know? That’ll get you another day,” he explained. 

    Until then, Richmond says be patient. Delivery crews are working long days and nights to make sure all their customers are safe and warm.

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