• New England's Unsolved: The death of a rising star

    By: Bob Ward


    BOSTON - It was a shocking murder in Boston's Theater District: a 29-year-old Boston man, the father of a young boy, gunned down after a music release party. The victim was well known in the hip hop community. New England's Unsolved’s Bob Ward discovered the murder of Jamie Lee took place in front of potentially hundreds of witnesses, but an arrest has never been made.

    Lee went by the stage name “Rock Ducati”.  He was getting noticed as a business man and a performer. But a hail of gunfire silenced the rising star forever, and it destroyed his family.

    “I'm the talker of the family. And when Jamie died, I don't think I said a word,” said his father, Allen Lee.

    “This is devastating for us," his mother Tina Lee added.

    On March 1, 2011, Lee was helping Cambridge rapper Millyz with a mix tape pre-release party at what was then Underbar. The trouble started after the party, outside on Tremont Street.  Boston Police Homicide Detective Frank McLaughlin showed Boston 25 News where it all unfolded.

    “From what we understand, there's loud words going back and forth. There's a lot of yelling and screaming, and then the shots were fired,” Detective McLaughlin said.

    Lee and another man were hit and drove themselves to the hospital. He was gone by the time his family arrived.

    “That's the thing that bothers me. When I came to the hospital, I wanted to be in that room. I wanted to go see my child. I thought maybe if he knew I was there, it would make him fight more," his mother said.

    A devastated son

    Jamie Lee was also a dad.  His son, Jamie Jr. is now 14 years old.  His memories of his father are precious and he wants his father's killer, to step up.

    “If I was the one that did this to someone, or someone else's family, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Especially if they had a son,” Jamie Jr. told Boston 25 News.

    Dozens of witnesses but still no arrests

    Surveillance video taken minutes after the shooting shows the murder took place in front of dozens, if not hundreds of people. Yet six years later, the murder remains unsolved.

    “What we found is we hit a stone wall. We had probably a hundred, two hundred people out here in the street and we had a handful of people who would talk to us. Most people acted as though they saw nothing," said Detective McLaughlin.

    “It keeps eating us. We just want to know the truth what happened to our son,” Allen Lee said.

    “I want this to happen. It’s not going to bring my child back. But I do want this person found, and to pay for what the person did to him,” his mom Tina added.

    If you know anything about the murder of Jamie Lee aka Rock Ducati, Boston Police crime stoppers at 1-800-494-TIPS. You can also text the word "tip" to crime... to get your tip in. You can choose to remain anonymous.

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