• Neighbors' battle over snow pile ends up in court


    SALISBURY, Mass. - A dispute between two Salisbury neighbors at odds over a snow pile has led to a judge’s ruling. 

    “We know them quite well, yes we do,” said Salisbury Police Sgt. Bob Ray.

    It’s far from the first time these neighbors have been at war; police have been called out to disputes between the two men 12 times in the last 13 months.

    "Apparently, he doesn't like the snow pile. I don't know why,” said one of the neighbors, Danny Lebrun.

    Lebrun was out shoveling his driveway Thursday; where Lebrun is putting the snow is what is causing the most recent debate.

    According to a police report, Everett Whittier claims Lebrun throws the shoveled snow on his driveway, piling it so high his wife can't pull out on the road safely.

    "It's one thing after another with this guy. He's saying I’m putting snow in his yard.  We're in the middle of a blizzard. I mean, I got to put the snow somewhere,” said Lebrun.

    According to police reports, Whittier called police three times last week, complaining of the snow piles.

    A judge on Tuesday issued a harassment prevention order against Lebrun, ordering him to avoid all contact with his neighbor.

    "Until something happens, they will continue to be a problem with each other and a thorn in each other's side,” said Ray.

    The fight between the neighbors is first documented in January 2016. Whittier called police complaining that "Lebrun was intentionally pointing a powerful strobe light at his house so as to intentionally harm him,” according to the police report.

    Then in March 2016, Lebrun claimed Whittier "cut down one of his trees in his yard."

    In April, Whittier said, "Lebrun has been installing rodent deterrent devices along the fence line of his property, which is directly behind his bedroom window."

    Whittier was not home when FOX25 stopped by Thursday; his wife was but didn’t want to discuss the drama with her neighbor.

    According to town rules, homeowners are fined for not clearing the sidewalk or for throwing snow into the street. When it comes to private property, it’s out of the town’s hands.


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