• MSP Trooper alleges conspiracy to adjust report

    By: Dalton Main


    BOSTON - Top members of Massachusetts law enforcement conspired to alter a police report regarding the arrest of a judge’s daughter and defamed the trooper who arrested her, according to a lawsuit filed this week. 

    Mass. State Trooper Ryan Sceviour, 29, was ordered to change a report he filed after arresting a judge’s daughter in October, he alleges in the lawsuit filed against Major Susan Anderson, Colonel Rick McKeon and the Massachusetts State Police. 

    Trooper Sceviour says he arrested Alli Bibaud, the daughter of Judge Timothy Bibaud, for operating under the influence on October 16, 2017. 

    During the arrest, he claims Bibaud made statements about performing oral sex in exchange for drugs. According to Sceviour, he was ordered to remove notation of the comments from the report the following morning. 


    In a lawsuit filed against the state police, Sceviour says upper levels of Mass. State Police management executed a ‘shocking and outrageous’ conspiracy to violate his constitutional rights. 

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    “The MSP – through its spokesperson – knowingly made false and defamatory statements to the media about the plaintiff and relating to the plaintiff’s character,” the lawsuit states. 

    In a statement issued previously to Boston 25 News, Massachusetts State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio said, “in the report in question, the revision consisted only of removal of a sensationalistic, directly-quoted statement by the defendant, which made no contribution to proving the elements of the crimes with which she was charged. Inclusion of an unnecessary sensationalistic statement does not meet the report-writing standards required by the department.”

    In several places, the lawsuit outlines conversations between Sceviour and fellow troopers or supervisors who said they didn’t understand why action was being taken against him, but said “it was ordered by the Colonel.”

    Trooper Sceviour claims he opposed the changes to his report, “stating, if this was some random person and not a judge’s kid, none of this would be happening.”

    Sceviour claims he asked to add a note in the report that it had been changed on orders from his supervisors, but “was not permitted to do so.” 

    However, after some negotiation, Trooper Sceviour says he was allowed to note the report was “revised on October 19, 2017.”

    According to lawsuit, pages from a drug recognition expert’s report were also removed from the report and shredded. 

    “Sometime prior to 9:15 AM on October 19, 2017, Colonel McKeon, Major Anderson, and others entered into an agreement to coerce Trooper Sceviour to produce an altered report regarding the arrest of Ms. Bibaud, which would appear to be the original report. Colonel McKeon, Major Anderson and others agreed to arrange to have the original report surreptitiously removed from the Court file and to replace it with the altered report,” the lawsuit states.

    Sceviour’s reputation has been damaged and his employment status has been negatively impacted, according to the lawsuit. 

    His attorney is asking for a jury trial to determine whether state police officials acted inappropriately in reprimanding Sceviour and ordering him to change his report. 

    You can read the full complaint here.

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