• MIAA stands by decision to not give trophy to female winner


    The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association doubled down Wednesday and stood by its decision to deny a trophy to a female golfer.  

    The board met this week for the first time since denying Lunenburg's Emily Nash a trophy and the chance to compete in the state tournament.

    Nash won a boy's sectional golf tournament this fall, but the association said it didn't count because she is a girl. At the board meeting in Franklin Wednesday, members stood their ground and stuck by their rules.

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    When the MIAA denied Nash her trophy, people all over the world had something to say about it.

    "It's not just a bunch of us old guys making decisions down here as we're accused of doing," said Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Athletic Director Barry Haley.

    This isn't the first time the MIAA has come under criticism, but this situation is unprecedented. While they don't have the answers just yet about how to go forward, they are having a special meeting next month dedicated entirely to figuring this out.

    When the MIAA first addressed the issue in a statement last month, they mentioned Nash eight times, but never by name, just 'she' 'her' or 'female golfer,' which brought on more criticism. 

    Executive Director Bill Gaine first told Boston 25 News they didn't mention her name for confidentiality reasons because she's a minor. But when Boston 25 pointed out the names of every student, including minors, who played in the tournament were already up on the website, he said scores are posted for its members and are a different story.

    When Boston 25 brought up that the website is public, he responded by saying, "You're quibbling. The website is intended to be for our membership. Anyone else can go there."

    The MIAA plans to bring in consultants and experts at the Dec. 7 meeting about the Nash controversy and the board will go over those results at their next meeting the following week.

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