• Medford native's dream vacation turns to nightmare after injury abroad

    By: Bob Ward


    BOSTON - A Medford family’s dream vacation turned into a nightmare when an injury struck last week.

    Christine and Ed Schulz just want to get home, but getting home is the problem.

    The two are sitting in a hospital in Muskat, Oman, trying to get back to a hospital in Boston.

    The cost of an air hospital flight is more than they can pay.

    “It’s just surreal. It doesn't feel quite real,” Christine told FOX25 by phone. “It’s been a crazy, crazy week for us, and we look forward to getting back home soon.”

    She said the ordeal started last Wednesday during a Persian Gulf cruise.

    Ed Coughed, heard a pop in his back and suddenly a wave of pain hit.

    “It’s just this excruciating pain numbness. When I got to his room, he was screaming, completely inconsolable. Worst sound I ever heard in my life,” Christine said.

    At a hospital in Oman, doctors determined Ed Schultz fractured his back and they found a lesion.

    He needs to get to Boston.

    “He can't fly commercial. Because he can't sit up. He can’t even fly first class because he can't be up for take-off and landings, so it’s back and forth with the insurance company because they don’t want to pay for the air ambulance because the cost is – it’s a six figure cost,” Christine explained.

    It will cost Ed and Christine $70,000 for an air ambulance. That’s money they don't have.

    A GoFundMe page has already raised nearly half the cost in just two days.

    Half a world away, Christine is stunned.

    “The support, the help that we've gotten from friends, it’s just, it’s honestly more than I can handle right now,” she said.

    You can find his GoFundMe Page here

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