• Man's selfie lands him behind bars

    By: Blair Miller

    It was a man's selfie that ended up landing him behind bars. Police say he snapped it on a stolen Ipad and the victim in this crime did his own detective work.

    FOX25's Blair Miller is in Wrentham Wednesday night with more on how it lead police right to the suspect. 

    Police here say their job was pretty easy all because of nine photos taken on an Ipad and even a tracking device on it. 

    It's the picture that stands out from the usual selfies. Nineteen-year-old Ralphy Olivero who police say smiled for the camera on the Ipad he stole along with some other items during a car break-in  on the west side of Wrentham.

    Deputy Police Chief Bill McGrath said it was one of their quicker crimes solved largely because of the help from the suspect and the victim.

    After the break-in, the victim checked his Icloud, online storage, and found the photo. 

    Bill McGrath said, "The victim called us and said they had logged onto their Icloud account and they had about nine pictures."

    The victim also checked the "find my Iphone" app and it lead police right to the suspect's home in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

    FOX25 went by the suspect's home Wednesday night, but didn't find anyone.

    Via Facetime Wednesday night, FOX25's Digital Security Expert Robert Siciliano with hotspot shield said he's seen other recent cases like this.

    Siciliano said, "Dumb criminals never cease to amaze me and with technology the way it is, connected to the cloud, it's more and more plausible that criminals will self incriminate themselves."

    And it's not just this picture that police are pointing out. There are others and they hope the 19 year old remembers.

    He's in jail tonight and has a previous record. The case is still open and more charges could be filed. 

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