• Man broke into Framingham home, fell asleep with wine bottle, prosecutors say


    FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - A man was in court Tuesday after a family found him sleeping in their basement with an empty wine bottle by his side.

    In court, prosecutors told a judge that Vaughn Buckley claimed he had a fight with his family and took a walk that ended at the victims' home.

    "It’s kind of weird, I was getting ready to go to bed last night and I’m like, there was some other guy just chilling here a couple hours ago," said John Walsh.

    Prosecutors say Buckley used a brick to smash the basement window leading to Walsh's bedroom and then climbed inside, allegedly helping himself to a bottle of wine from the fridge. Hours later, he was found passed out by Walsh's mother.

    "She went downstairs and originally she thought I was sleeping there, but then she noticed it wasn’t me," said Walsh.

    Walsh says his father woke Buckley up and kept him calm until police arrived. According to court records, Buckley told officers he was "familiar with the Walshes" and it was "no accident he picked the house."

    "I've never heard his name before in my life," said Walsh.

    Prosecutors say Buckley has a history of alcohol abuse. In fact, they say this isn't the first time Buckley broke into someone's home for booze. He was arrested last year for stealing a bottle of whiskey from another Framingham home.

    Buckley's lawyer says he needs treatment, not jail time. For now, he will remain behind bars after pleading not guilty. He is due back in court on December 15.

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