• In France, thousands of retirees protest Macron tax hike

    By: Associated Press

    PARIS (AP) - Thousands of French retirees are protesting across the country over a tax hike on their pensions.

    Nine unions called on retired workers to demonstrate Thursday against the centrist government's plans to freeze pensions and increase taxes. The tax hike has been in effect since January and has impacted some eight million retirees.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has said his fiscal policies are aimed at reducing France's deficit and lowering workers' income taxes, rather than increasing pensions.

    One placard at a protest read: "Macron - Robber of Little Old Men and Little Old Ladies."

    The retirees' protests are the latest of a series of marches by rail workers, hospital workers, students and others in recent months.

    Unions accuse Macron of favoring the rich and eroding French workers' labor rights.

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