• 6 ways to save in the garden this summer

    By: Daniel Miller , Jesse Grossi


    HOPKINTON, Mass. - May is a huge gardening month and fixing up the yard can easily break the bank, but Peter Mezitt with Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton told us there are ways to make your garden look great while staying on a budget.  

    Start small

    Peter recommends buying inexpensive perennials that will grow back every year. Have patience with the perennials if you are looking for a burst of color. The perennials will bloom and through most of the summer months. One plant can go a long way. Almost any plant that does not have a single stem can be divided into multiple plants. Peter told us, "you literally take them out of the pots and chop the root mass in half or in third or in quarters and you can have 4 plants from one." He also recommends starting small with annuals, "you don’t need to buy too many as long as you're feeding them."

    Protecting your investment

    Peter advises to protect your garden investment with quality soil with high organic content. He said investing in soil will build a good deep base and your plants and lawn will be happier for decades.  

    Wasted water

    Sprinklers are great for your lawn, but can waste water for plants and shrubs. Peter recommends building a raised circle of soil around new plants and flowers that will help corral the water. He said this system works the best for items you bring home from the garden center, "the water will go down to where the roots are and you're going to be much more successful."

    Other ways to save 

    • Do not be tempted by expensive pre-potted planters.   Creating your own with an inexpensive pot, flowers and some soil.  Building your own planter will be cheaper.   
    • Do your homework online and seek advice.  Something that looks great at the garden center may not work in all yards.   
    • Growing your own plants and flowers will help your budget next year.   Start collecting and drying seeds this year for next year to plant in your garden.  

    You can find some resources and information here: https://www.westonnurseries.com/

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