• Flood warning, winter weather advisory across southern New England


    After a 12-day stretch of below-freezing temperatures and a record-breaking nor'easter to start the year, southern New England has experienced above normal temperatures for several days. That warmth, combined with heavy rain Friday night and a return to freezing temperatures Saturday afternoon is causing major weather woes. The Boston 25 StormTracker Weather team will be covering the changes all weekend, and updates will be posted below in chronological order.

    SATURDAY, 3:00 p.m.:

    Temperatures will continue to drop into the evening, eventually dropping into the 20's and teens at around 8:00 p.m. for the Patriots' game at Gillette Stadium.

    Any water that has not dried up due to gusty winds will likely freeze up.

    Drivers are asked to be aware of slick conditions when driving on roads, especially around bridges and overpasses, where water can collect more easily and will later turn into ice. 

    SATURDAY, 10:30 a.m.:

    Kelly Sullivan headed to Gillette Stadium this morning, where the tarp was covering the field to keep the rain and ice off.

    Crews both inside and around the stadium will work all day to prepare for tonight's playoff game.

    Dept. of Public Works officials say they've been working all week to clear storm drains, and will be out today treating the roads in anticipation of vehicle and foot traffic in Foxboro tonight.

    SATURDAY, 9:30 a.m.:

    MassDOT is urging drivers to be cautious on the roads today. 

    The department says it's been busy this week preparing for the conditions - crews have been cleaning drainage areas and pushing back snow piles so the roads will be more accessible and easier to treat.

    MassDOT crews have been treating roads in areas where the rain has stopped, and said crews will continue to do so until the threat of ice passes.

    SATURDAY, 7:30 a.m.:

    More than 5,400 people are without power throughout the state - lots of isolated outages likely due to wind.

    StormTracker Meteorologist Jason Brewer says the rain is winding down - now, the concern is plummeting temperatures and flash freezing.

    A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for most of Massachusetts from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. today to highly icy conditions developing.

    FRIDAY, 9:30 p.m.:

    More than 2,000 people are without power in Cohasset after a transformer explosion. The exact cause is unclear, but one crew on the scene told Boston 25 News that wind may have knocked a tree branch onto the transformer before it exploded.

    In total more than 6,000 people across Massachusetts are without power as the rain and winds pick up.

    FRIDAY, 8 p.m.:

    To look at how significant the changes in temperature will be this weekend, StormTracker Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski looked at the high temperatures for Saturday and Sunday.

    Friday, 6 p.m.:

    Worcester residents had more than a foot of snow to deal with last week, and now they're dealing with the water from that melt and the rainfall. One of the major concerns for many is that the drains are clogged, which causes flooding on roadways.

    Evan White spoke to city workers who spent most of the week clearing roads and unclogging sewer grates. 

    Friday, 5:30 p.m.:

    The Patriots are scheduled to play the Tennessee Titans Saturday night in Foxborugh, and fans who plan to tailgate will have quite the variance in weather to deal with. Rain is expected to end in the early afternoon, but a quick drop in temperatures could lead to sleet.

    To make matters worse, many wet surfaces will turn to ice as temperatures dip into the 20s by kickoff.

    Robert Goulston spoke to Foxborough Town Engineer Chris Gallagher who said there is a lot of work and preparation to make sure the 70,000 fans attending the game are safe.

    Friday, 4 p.m.:

    Heavy rain is moving through the Worcester area and a flood warning has been issued until Saturday morning. Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski said she expects the warning to be extended toward the coast as the cold front moves east.

    In addition, most of southern New England is under a winter weather advisory because the front brings bitter cold temperatures with it. Temperatures could drop 20+ degrees in just a few hours Saturday afternoon.

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