• Fan warning others after being duped by fake Celtics ticket


    BOSTON - For those looking to go see the Celtics take on LeBron James and the Cavaliers in person Wednesday night, beware of the counterfeit ticket.

    "To tell you the truth I'm still pretty salty about it,” said Bryant Cahill.

    Cahill and his friend waited until just before tip-off Monday night to try and find tickets for game 7 against the Wizards and bought them off the street.

    At first glance, the ticket looked okay, but if they had taken the time to look closely, they would have found all kinds of problems. 

    "The picture of the court is not clear. It's a little blurry. The ticket is kind of flimsy,” said Cahill.

    In the excitement of the game and thinking, they had gotten great seats for $250 each, they didn’t pay attention to the small details.

    It wasn’t until they go to the Garden that they realized what happened.

    “We handed our tickets to the ticket guy and he said, 'You guys got burned,’” said Cahill.  

    Not only does the front of the ticket look a little off, but the fine print on the back is a mess. First, it says this a ticket for an NFL game. Then there are grammatical and punctuation problems, titles that should be capitalized. At the bottom is a coupon for "Modell's Sporting Goods" with the website for sports authority.

    Cahill is warning others to read the fine print and be extra careful.

    "The guy just made a quick $500 selling me a piece of paper,” he said.

    Cahill did not file a police report because he didn't think it would do any good, but he actually has good description of the guy who sold him the bogus ticket.

    Boston police encourage you to give them a call, even you're embarrassed or think you've done something wrong by buying tickets off the street.

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