• Actual plane crash happens right before Nantucket airport disaster drill

    By: Dalton Main


    NANTUCKET, Mass. - As Nantucket Airport geared up for a disaster drill Wednesday morning, an actual plane crash happened.

    According to the airport, a Cessna aircraft came down hard while attempting to take off during from the airport shortly before 7:30 a.m. Only the pilot was on board at the time.

    The FAA has launched an investigation. 

    But a quick glance at the airport’s twitter account revealed extensive warnings that the airport would be closed for a large scale disaster drill.

    Mere minutes after a drill tweet Wednesday morning, the airport followed up with “A real word Alert 3 in progress … repeat this is not the drill.”

    The Nantucket Enquirer reported a plane’s landing gear failed, leaving debris on the runway.

    According to FAA guidelines, an ‘Alert 3’ indicates a plane has crashed at or near the airport and can indicate a landing gear failure; though it does not specify the level of damage or injuries. 

    The airport remained closed during the incident.


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