• 5-foot-long python found in manhole in Worcester

    By: Christine McCarthy


    WORCESTER, Mass. - DPW workers made a wild discovery in a manhole in Worcester early on Friday. They found a five foot long python in the water drainage system. 

    The exotic snake was discovered when the crew lifted a manhole cover on John Street during routine maintenance. 

    The snake is not native to this country and was likely someone's pet. Officials suspect it could have escaped and somehow found its way into the storm drain. 

    "This wasn't a very subtle looking snake. This was like bright colored yellow and red stripes, so it looked rather ominous and it was a sizeable one at that," said Phil Guerin, the director of sewer and water operations. 

    Animal control quickly seized the snake and placed it in a facility. 

    "This is a tropical python. Somebody probably had it as a pet it either escaped or it was a cute little pet not so much when its six foot and it just ate your dog, I suppose," Guerin said. 

    The DPW jokes that its clear the city's water systems are good and clean if they can support such wildlife. 

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