• 3-year-old falls from third story window, taken to hospital


    FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – A 3-year-old girl remains hospitalized after falling almost 25 feet out of a third story window in Framingham.

    The incident happened Wednesday afternoon at a home on Eames Street, and neighbors tell Boston 25 News they weren’t sure what happened at first.

    “I was on my phone, I saw a shadow, a black shadow, it hit the window. Then she fell. I thought it was a ball,” Johan Gonzalez said. “I kept on hearing crying. I looked over, the little girl was on her hands, and on her knees and saw blood coming out of her face.”

    Sarah Taylor, a mother of five, said she first thought the toddler was yelling and playing, but when she went across the street she learned what had happened.

    “I put the towel on the girl’s head, just to try and stop the bleeding. I was talking to her, making sure she wasn't going to go unconscious. Asking her, what's your favorite toys, what's your favorite toys?” Taylor said.

    The girl had a deep gash on her forehead according to Taylor, and injuries to her left leg.

    “She was so worried that she was bleeding more than anything else. So I was just trying to keep her mind preoccupied more than anything else, giving her a little reassurance,’ Taylor said.

    The 3-year-old was visiting her aunt and cousin at the house where the accident happened. Before being taken to the hospital she kept asking for her mom next to her.

    “I was scared for her, but trying to not show her that I was scared,” Taylor said,

    That little girl’s mother is now with her in the hospital. Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened before the fall, and if the screen she fell out of was faulty or just loose.

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