• 25 Investigates: Gun magazine found in Medford school went unreported

    By: Eric Rasmussen


    MEDFORD, Mass. - The discovery of a gun magazine in a Medford school went unreported to police for several weeks, 25 Investigates has learned.

    Medford schools released a statement Tuesday evening confirming a cleaning crew found the magazine at the McGlynn School in late December. 

    Boston 25 News broke this story at 2:40 p.m. Tuesday via a notification from the Boston 25 News app...

    A professional cleaning crew discovered the gun magazine under a seat inside the McGlynn Middle and Elementary School auditorium on Dec. 28, while students were on holiday break.

    Parents and teachers didn't know about the discovery until Tuesday and now have questions about how the school reacted.

    After only recently learning about the discovery, Medford Police officers spent part of Tuesday sweeping the entire school, which is closed for February vacation. No weapons were found.

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    City Councilor Breanna Lungo-Koehn says she notified police last week after multiple school employees brought the issue to her attention. 

    "I was shaking, not only because of what was found, but the fact that it was found on Dec. 28 and, from what I understand, it was thrown away," said Lungo-Koehn. 

    Medford Schools Superintendent Roy Belson acknowledged the principal may have thrown away the magazine after a custodian left it in his office, but Belson has not said why the discovery wasn't shared with parents and teachers.

    "In and around December 29, 2017, over the school vacation break, the professional cleaning company assigned to the McGlynn School found a magazine clip, not a weapon, under a seat in the McGlynn School Theater. The cleaning company turned said clip over to the in-house custodian who then locked it away in the principal's office.

    McGylnn Middle School Principal Jake Edwards was in his office on December 30, 2017, for the purpose of cleaning his office and he claims he threw several items away that could have included the clip.

    Shortly thereafter, it was reported to the Superintendent of Schools Roy Belson, as well as, the School Resource Officer. However, the Police Chief was not directly informed. In light of this incident, a full search of McGlynn Middle & Elementary School was conducted on February 20, 2018.

    The search was conducted by a joint effort of Medford Police, Everett Police, Somerville Police and Arlington Police, along with weapon search dogs and drug search dogs. The search was supervised by Medford Police Detective M. Pellegrino. They did not find traces of any weapons or drugs on the premises.

    'This was an isolated incident. The entire school is committed to safeguarding the students, teachers and staff at all of our schools,' said Superintendent Belson."

    The school is now doing its own investigation, and at a School Committee meeting Tuesday night Superintendent Belson apologized. He said he wasn't trying to be secretive or malicious, but now realized he made the wrong decision.

    Danielle Atwell's children don't go to the school, but says the long list of school shootings, including the most recent tragedy in Florida, make this story a concern for all parents.

    "I find it concerning. I think we should be notified of these things immediately. We really need to be aware of what's happening in our schools so for them not to tell anybody is really not right," said Atwell.

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