• WATCH: Spring temperatures in February

    By: Shiri Spear


    We're off to a bit of a dreary start with pockets of fog and mist, especially far south.  Rain won't amount to much, and fog should thin in most towns by 9 AM.  Clouds will break up this afternoon, allowing for partly sunny skies.

    Temperatures are the best part of the forecast.  Even wake-up temps are a treat!  Morning 40s and 50s will climb into the low and mid 60s today, depending on how much sunshine your town sees break through the clouds.  It will tend to be dimmest and coolest over the South Coast, Cape and Islands due to wind off the water (it brings in an extra punch of moisture).

    After another dose of fog and drizzle overnight in the same spots (South Coast, Cape and Islands), Wednesday will run partly cloudy and WARM.  The record high in Boston is 63, so we should get there without a problem.  The current forecast calls for upper 60s to lower 70s-that's about 30 degrees above average!

    Clouds will increase during the day with more SW winds ahead of our next front.  That cold front will move through Wednesday evening with a few spot RAIN showers... Not a biggie.

    The forecast gets tricky Thursday with a cooler trend now.  We have the risk of rain, snow or a wintry mix during the day with a lingering front.  That boundary will have colder air to the north and milder weather south.  We're fine tuning this piece of the forecast to get you information about the best chance for slippery travel.  Please stay tuned as things come into focus.




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