• Sandy devastates New York, New Jersey


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - While most of Massachusetts is still dealing with power outages and debris, none of our damage compares to the devastation in New York City and New Jersey, where entire waterfront neighborhoods were just wiped out.

    President Barack Obama will tour the storm damage in Atlantic City, N.J., on Wednesday.

    Sandy has left more than 50 people dead across the country, 18 of them in New York City.

    As many wonder about the widespread effect on business and travel, JFK and and Newark airports will re-open Wednesday morning, but with limited service, and New York's LaGuardia Airport is still closed, so that could mean changes in flights for all of us.

    Of the eight million who lost power in the U.S., two million were in New York alone, so from payrolls processed there to other electronic business, we could all experience possible snags.

    City officals say it could be four or five more days before the waterlogged subway will be back up and running. And if you're driving that way any time soon, 10 of the tunnels that go under the East River, including the Holland and Brooklyn Battery tunnels, are flooded.

    From floods to fire, as many as 100 homes were destroyed in Queens when flames were sparked by a downed power line. Firefighters battled chest high flood waters, climbing an awning to rescue 25 people trapped in an apartment and get them onto a boat.

    As far as New Jersey goes, Gov. Chris Christie will be joined by President Obama to tour the damage. The road to Atlantic City, where parts of the world famous boardwalk have been washed away, is closed.

    Homes along the Jersey Shore were ripped clean off their foundations and boats washed up onto the streets. Governor Christie says it is difficult to see an iconic part of his state washed away.

    Among some of the other amazing images we're getting from the New York-New Jersey area was a tanker ship washed ashore on Staten Island. The 200-foot vessel washed up on the coast and it wasn't the only one. A 40-foot yacht was found far from the docks. It was parked firmly on a set of commuter train tracks.

    Sandy has caused an estimated $20 billion in property damage. That number is separate from the $30 billion expected in lost business.

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