• New Jersey, New York residents trying to bounce back after Sandy


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - The amusement park on the historic Seaside Heights pier in New Jersey is just one of the many tourist attractions washed away by Sandy.

    Resilient residents in  New Jersey and New York are now trying to bounce back, but it's been a struggle.
    Six million people across the U.S. are still without power. Getting transportation back to normal is a huge step in the recovery effort.

    New York and New Jersey authorities are deploying search teams to help thousands of people trapped by Sandy's flood waters.

    In New Jersey, the National Guard is rescuing people left stranded in their homes an bringing ready-to-eat meals and other supplies for the evacuees.

    Another hospital was forced to evacuate late Wednesday night. Bellevue Hospital moved 500 patients after the power went out and its back up generators didn't work properly.

    Workers are now pumping out 17 million gallons of water from the basement of the hospital.

    When it comes to air travel, New York's LaGuardia Airport is expected to reopen Thursday on a limited basis. JFK and Newark airports reopened Wednesday.
    New York City subways are running on a limited basis, free Thursday and Friday to encourage people to use mass transit.
    Three of the city's tunnels have reopened, but if you're heading that way, everyone is required to have at least two other people in their cars.     

    For runners of the New York marathon, the race is expected to go on as planned this weekend.
    Finding a place to stay and getting around will still be a struggle, however. If you're planning to go down this weekend to run or help out, let us know on Facebook.

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