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Kevin Lemanowicz


Kevin Lemanowicz was the first chief meteorologist for FOX 25 News at Ten in 1996, and has guided viewers through all the twists and turns of New England weather for two decades.

Kevin loves the challenge of forecasting the changeable New England weather. A native New Englander, he has had the opportunity to see what a powerful impact weather has on the lives of New England residents.

From severe winter storms like the blizzard that hit the day after Christmas last year to severe thunderstorms in the summer, Kevin's expertise helps bring in-depth forecasting and informed reporting to viewers across the region. During the tornadoes that ripped through western and central Massachusetts this past spring, Kevin was on the air continuously until the storms weakened enough that viewers were safe.

Kevin is active in the community, especially area schools. His classroom visits have been a big hit with students and teachers throughout eastern Massachusetts and have now become SKYPE discussions, reaching even more classrooms. Kevin visits students and teachers via webcam over the internet, giving them a better understanding of how weather works both locally and globally. Kevin also shares his meteorology and science expertise with a variety of groups throughout the region including the Massachusetts Middle School Scholars, Weston Observatory Lecture Series, and the All-Ivy Club's debate about the Cape Wind Project.

Before coming to FOX 25, Kevin was chief meteorologist at WTIC in Hartford, CT. He has also worked at the New England Weather Service in Hartford, providing forecasts for private industry and radio stations. Prior to that, Kevin was a staff meteorologist at Fleetweather, Inc., where he tracked storms for radio, schools, private industry and the Weather Channel. Kevin began his career as a meteorologist at WVIT-TV in Hartford, CT.

Kevin is a recognized Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society and has been nominated 14 times for an Emmy for New England's Best Meteorologist. He is a strong supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and an active participant in the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. Kevin graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology, and is married with two sons.