• Round 3: Furry Vengeance (2) v. The Women (2)


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    Newsroom-favorite Furry Vengeance continues its path of destruction taking out Pink Panther 2. This might be the only time a work by Brendan Frasier will ever take out a work by Steve Martin. The one upset of this contest might have just happened in The Women beating Knight and Day. A lot of people around here were convinced Knight and Day would take the whole thing, but Diane English's 2008 chick flick appears to have more staying power than the director herself.

    2. Furry Vengeance: Brendan Fraser gets his second bid in the tournament. He's a cold-hearted developer who only cares about money up against some furry animals that want to protect their homes -- you see where this is going. Think Home Alone with a raccoon in the Macauley Culkin role. Gee, I wonder if some wicked subtle save the environment message gets crammed down our throat in the end (not a spoiler because "I said I wonder if...") Poor Brooke Shields accepted a role in this gem, and poor Topsfield Fair for having been used for some scenes.

    2. The Women: Think Sex and the City, without the sex. Better title: Insufferable and the City. No men are in the movie. Seriously, NO MEN ARE IN THE MOVIE!! NONE!!! But Debrah Messing is! Time magazine's Richard Schickel called it "One of the worst movies I've ever seen," and all five of the actresses received Razzie nominations for Worst Actress!!!! The director, Diane English, has not directed since. Big shocker there.

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