• Round 3: Celtic Pride (1) v. Stealing Harvard (1)


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    Celtic Pride continues its stinkfest of dominance as it handily takes out the combined forces of circa-2000 heart-throbs Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Matthew Lillard. Ok, I may have thrown Matthew Lillard a bone on that one. I'm still not quite sure how he got any movie roles, let alone managed to appear in about one movie every three months from 1995 to 2002. (He played a hacker named "Cereal" at one point. Yeah....). Stealing Harvard helps Matt Damon make a semi-early exit from this contest...which is probably about the only useful thing that movie has ever done.

    1. Celtic Pride: Did anyone even think to ask Damon Wayans if he'd ever played basketball before casting him in this movie? Then again, if his jumper were as smooth as Larry Bird's, would it have made this movie suck any less? Really - Dan Akroyd and Daniel Stern kidnap the Utah Jazz' best player so the Celtics can win a championship, but then end up having to root for the Jazz in Game 7 so that Wayans doesn't call the cops on them - yeesh. No wonder why the Celtics didn't win a championship for ten years after this dog was made. Speaking of dogs, this made me wish I'd watched Air Bud instead.

    1. Stealing Harvard: Basic plot line: Jason Lee and Tom Green (yes, that Tom Green) have to steal $30-grand so Jason Lee's niece can go to Harvard. Gee, I wonder how it's all gonna turn out. Not shocking tidbit: Tom Green got nominated for a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor that year. Shocking tidbit: He didn't win it (Hayden Christensen- Episode II Attack of the Clones). Oh, and Jason Lee gets to cross-dress and spoon Richard Jenkins - I wonder if there's an extended cut on DVD! Very easily could've called this one Stealing My Ten Bucks (I'll be here all week).

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