• Round 2: Stealing Harvard (1) v. Stuck on You (2)


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    (Depending on how you look at it) Stealing Harvard steals the victory from With Honors -- we're guessing everyone is cutting Joe Pesci a break because of Goodfellas and My Cousin Vinny. That said, Love Story feels no love once again and makes an early exit from our second tournament in as many weeks. Matt Damon, however, felt a lot of love in last week's tournament. Is it love to keep him in this tournament? Probably not. But Stuck on You was pretty terrible so it's no surprise it's sticking around.

    1. Stealing Harvard: Basic plot line: Jason Lee and Tom Green (yes, that Tom Green) have to steal $30-grand so Jason Lee's niece can go to Harvard. Gee, I wonder how it's all gonna turn out. Not shocking tidbit: Tom Green got nominated for a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor that year. Shocking tidbit: He didn't win it (Hayden Christensen- Episode II Attack of the Clones). Oh, and Jason Lee gets to cross-dress and spoon Richard Jenkins - I wonder if there's an extended cut on DVD! Very easily could've called this one Stealing My Ten Bucks (I'll be here all week).

    2. Stuck on You: Matt Damon went to Harvard so that's why this one's in the Harvard bracket -- I bet Harvard is thrilled. I remember when I first heard about this movie I thought "How can that be funny?" Then when I saw it, turned out I was right to be concerned. And to think Meryl Streep, yes THAT Meryl Streep, actually makes a cameo in this one - yikes. Somewhere the mayor of Martha's Vineyard has gotta be wondering - "Couldn't the Farrellys have set this on Nantucket and kept us out of it?" I suppose though, after this there was nowhere to go but up for the Farrelly brothers - oh wait, Fever Pitch was next!

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