• Round 2: Pink Panther (4) v. Furry Vengeance (2)


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    Well Jaws 2, you did it. You got out before your franchise had a chance of winning the best and worst Mass. movies of all time. Now lets talk about what's left. Pink Panther gets the upset to square off against Furry Vengeance -- which happens to be the MyFoxBoston.com newsroom favorite to take this whole tournament. On star power alone this could be a tough matchup, though. Andy Garcia and Emily Mortimer might be enough star power to negate bad Steve Martin and help topple the combined forces of Brendan Frasier and Brooke Shields.

    4. Pink Panther 2: Did Pink Panther really require a sequel? And did it really need to be filmed in Boston? When they were filming this the local papers had to keep us abreast of Steve Martin's daily activities - none of which involved working on the script for this gem. Italian guy to Steve Martin "that was not Italian, and I do speak English." Steve Martin "prove it". Ouch.

    2. Furry Vengeance: Brendan Fraser gets his second bid in the tournament. He's a cold-hearted developer who only cares about money up against some furry animals that want to protect their homes -- you see where this is going. Think Home Alone with a raccoon in the Macauley Culkin role. Gee, I wonder if some wicked subtle save the environment message gets crammed down our throat in the end (not a spoiler because "I said I wonder if...") Poor Brooke Shields accepted a role in this gem, and poor Topsfield Fair for having been used for some scenes.

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