• Celeb chefs put gourmet spin on tailgating treats


    NEW YORK, N.Y. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Celebrity chefs say they enjoy the gluttony that goes along with Super Bowl festivities as much as any other football fan.

    Speaking at Pepcity in Bryant Park this week, celebrity chefs David Burke, Michael Psilakis, and Marc Forgione said when it comes to the chefs eating for Sunday's big game, they have no limitations.

    "I've been eating chicken wings and Super Bowl style food, I've been eating all this week doing some media stuff," said David Burke. "So I think the day of I'll probably wind up eating. I'll eat whatever really if I go to a house party I'll eat whatever they have."

    Psilakis said he also plans to indulge in game time snacks.

    "I eat everything. I'm the type of the guy that I live to eat, I don't eat to live. So put anything in front of me and I'm going to eat it," said Psilakis. "Super Bowl is one of those gluttonous days that you really want to take part in the festivities.  
    Psilakis adds that he tends to gear toward what he is known for: Mediterranean food.

    "I always try and take a little bit of something, that if it's a chicken wing we're going to do something with it that that's going to make it Greek. So we use lemon extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of dried oregano. We roast them in the oven instead of frying them, but whatever we do I think the first thing is taste," Psilakis explained.

    Forgione said he loves tailgating food.

    "I eat the same as everybody else.  I mean I'm a chicken wing kind of junkie I love kind of pulled pork sliders, sausage and peppers, all that kind of stuff," said the chef, who recommends preparing as much food as possible the day before the game.

    Pepcity is open to the public until Saturday.

    Catch the Super Bowl Sunday on FOX 25.

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