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Shirtless Mike Napoli spawns #DrunkNapoli on Twitter


BOSTON ( – Mike Napoli had quite a week: Winning the World Series, having a birthday, partaking in the Red Sox rolling rally and spawning the hashtag, #DrunkNapoli.

After the Rolling Rally Saturday, the bearded Sox star took to the streets of Boston to party.

McGreevy's on Boylston was his first stop. The establishment posted a picture of Napoli behind the bar and said, "Meet our newest bartender, @MikeNapoli25 #offseasonjob."

A little bit later, @FrankTheKoala_ posted a photo of the now shirtless Napoli on the street.

"Mike Napoli is walking around Boston drunk and shirtless #DayMade"

The next sighting was at Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury.

"Napoli just became Daisy's newest bartender! #napoli #drunkenmess #epicnights," said @hbaker311

Patrons told FOX 25's Heather Hegedus that Napoli closed down the bar. They said he was talking about how much he loves Boston and would love to stay with the Red Sox. He also said he wouldn't shave his playoff beard.

The whole incident spawned the hashtag #DrunkNapoli on Twitter.

"Clocks turn back tonight…just means #DrunkNapoli gets to party an extra hour," @Dan_Mullen Tweeted.

"I was on the fence, but now it's clear that the #RedSox must re-sign Napoli. #DrunkNapoli," said @dankennedy_nu.

"No #DrunkNapoli updates this morning? I don't know if that's good news or bad news," said @QuiltedBaseball.