• Red Sox fan, 89, to spend birthday at his 11th World Series game


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – By the time you reach 89-years-old, it's enough your kids remember your birthday and maybe send you a card. However, an East Boston man is getting a lot more from his kids for his birthday Wednesday.

    How do tickets to the World Series sound?

    Peter Gravallese will be spending his 89th birthday at his 11th World Series game.

    Gravallese took FOX 25's Erica Ricci on a journey through baseball history as he displayed pennants from nearly a dozen World Series games dating back to his first one in 1946 on his East Boston dining room table.

    His passion for the game began when he went to his very first baseball game at age 12.

    "My father brought me to Braves field to see the New York Giants play the Braves," Gravallese said. "From that time on, I rooted for the Giants because they beat the Braves in a doubleheader."

    His cheers may have been for the then New York team, but his heart beats Boston, and it got even stronger after the Braves made the move from Beantown to Milwaukee.

    "I became a much stronger Red Sox fan in ‘52, ‘53, and ‘54 when the Braves had left," he said, cheering them on at Fenway to their World Series victories in 2004 and 2007 and planning to do it again Wednesday.

    The gift is special to him because it will be much like it was in 2004 when he attended game two for his 80th birthday.

    Additionally, the matchup between the Red Sox and St Louis Cardinals happens to be the same matchup of the first World Series game he brought his kids to in 1967.

    "That was most exciting because my little ones were there, now they bring me," Gravallese said. "I'm really blessed and privileged that my children take care of me."

    Gravallese believes the Red Sox have an advantage with their bullpen. He says the Sox will win it in six or seven games.

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