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Average cost of Game 6 ticket rises to $1.8K


BOSTON ( -- The cost of tickets to Game 6 of the World Series has swelled to historic highs.

According to ESPN, the average price of a ticket for Game 6 is going for just over $1,800.

Bleacher seats, which went for $300 at the start of the series are now selling for more than $1,000.

A pair of tickets in the first row behind the dugout have sold for $24,000, according to Stub Hub.

After seeing the cost of a ticket to Wednesday's game on the FOX 25 Morning News, a viewer sent in a photo of their 1946 World Series Game 3 ticket. The ticket cost $1.20.

According to average prices listed on several history websites, $1,800 was more than the cost of a new car in 1946. The cost a fan paid for two first row tickets for Game 6 would have paid for two homes back then.