• Massachusetts Movie Madness: Final round of worst movie voting



    We've had a lot of doubters on Facebook this week asking us how we could possibly conceive that Celtic Pride is one of the worst movies ever made in Massachusetts...but here we are. The Dan Aykroyd/Damon Wayans bomb has earned its place at the top by taking out the likes of "The Game Plan," "Summer Catch" and "Stealing Harvard." Meanwhile, Furry Vengeance continues its furry dominance on the right side of the bracket, taking out "The Women" to earn its place in the title bout.

    1. Celtic Pride: Did anyone even think to ask Damon Wayans if he'd ever played basketball before casting him in this movie? Then again, if his jumper were as smooth as Larry Bird's, would it have made this movie suck any less? Really - Dan Aykroyd and Daniel Stern kidnap the Utah Jazz' best player so the Celtics can win a championship, but then end up having to root for the Jazz in Game 7 so that Wayans doesn't call the cops on them - yeesh. No wonder why the Celtics didn't win a championship for ten years after this dog was made. Speaking of dogs, this made me wish I'd watched Air Bud instead.

    2. Furry Vengeance: Brendan Fraser gets his second bid in the tournament. He's a cold-hearted developer who only cares about money up against some furry animals that want to protect their homes -- you see where this is going. Think Home Alone with a raccoon in the Macauley Culkin role. Gee, I wonder if some wicked subtle save the environment message gets crammed down our throat in the end (not a spoiler because "I said I wonder if...") Poor Brooke Shields accepted a role in this gem, and poor Topsfield Fair for having been used for some scenes.

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