• Zenya Hernandez: Abby will come home


    North Conway, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) – The mother of missing New Hampshire teen Abigail Hernandez told FOX 25's Maria Stephanos she will never stop looking for her child.

    Zenya Hernandez discussed the search for the teen, who has been missing since missing since Oct. 9, during the FOX 25 News Wednesday.

    During a press conference Friday, officials said they believe Abigail Hernandez wrote a letter postmarked on Oct. 23 that was received by her mother on Nov. 6. State officials said they did not release the details of the letter until December because they had to take every step to confirm the letter's authenticity. Authorities will not reveal the contents of the letter or where it was postmarked because it could compromise the investigation.

    The missing teen has not contacted her loved ones since writing the letter, but Zenya Hernandez is still hopeful that her daughter is alive.

    Zenya told Stephanos that both she and law enforcement officials need the public's help in finding her daughter. She wants Abby to know that she loves her; she will never lose hope and will never stop looking.

    The New Hampshire mother said she did not expect to receive the letter. She went through her mail and was in "disbelief" when she discovered her daughter's letter.

    "I don't even know what I thought. I was just exhilarated, because I was like, obviously at some point she wrote the letter," she said.

    Stephanos asked her if she recognized the handwriting right away.

    "It's a tough question," she said.

    When asked if she thinks her daughter is okay, Zenya said, "I pray that she is."

    She wanted the public to know that her daughter was a good student, avid runner and animal lover.

    "Abby is just this like wonderful caring, compassionate person," she said.

    When asked what she thinks happened to her daughter, Zenya said she didn't know.

    "That's the question, I don't know," she said.

    She said that her daughter did not have a history of disappearing, and that she had "never run away before."

    Her father misses her as well, Zenya said. He does not live in New Hampshire.

    Zenya took a moment to address her daughter and said "Abby, I love you. I hope to see you soon, I really do. And I hope that you hear this, and I will continue looking."

    She also thanked the public and said, "I think together we can do this, and Abby will come home."

    Almost two months have passed since the teen was last seen in North Conway, N.H. She vanished after leaving Kennett High School around 2:30 p.m., walked along Eagles Way and was last seen taking a short cut through a power line trail.

    Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call: 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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