• YouTube videos show Dem., GOP trackers accosted at Brown, Warren events


    Videos posted on YouTube Monday reportedly show both democratic and republican trackers apparently being accosted at Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown events.

    The first video FOX 25 was alerted to Monday shows the driver of a taxi Elizabeth Warren was riding in shove someone recording the U.S. Senate candidate on Martha's Vineyard.

    Warren can be seen walking toward a red SUV as the photographer follows her. When the photographer rounds an open door, a man wearing a gray shirt and green hat shoves the camera and ultimately knocks it from the photographer's hands.

    The photographer then picks the camera up, says "Oh, really?" and records the man walking away.

    The man then tells the photographer: "Get out of my face or I'm going to call the police."

    The man finally says, "You're messing with the wrong people."

    In a statement to FOX 25, Warren's campaign said the driver was not a member of the senate candidate's staff.

    "The person featured in the video was not a member of the Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts staff," read the statement. "He is a cab driver."

    Campaign officials said Warren did not see the incident.

    "The photographer has a right to film in public locations and the campaign had allowed him to film the entirety of Elizabeth's event." said the statement. "The confrontation was wrong."

    (Click here to see the video.)

    Later Monday, Warren's campaign alerted FOX 25 News to a video posted on YouTube apparently showing a Democratic tracker being physically removed from a Scott Brown event in Revere.

    The video is reportedly from March, but was posted Monday.

    The video begins on members of the public asking Brown questions. Moments later someone says, "I want to talk to you," and the camera is led out of the room.

    The camera is then jostled, the sounds of a struggle can be heard and someone says, "Unless you want to get arrested, you better get the [expletive] out of here."

    The photographer later says, "Excuse me, I was told I could be here. I'm happy to leave."

    The struggle continues for a few more moments before the video ends.

    When asked for comment about the video Brown's campaign said, "It's clear as Elizabeth Warren falls behind in the polls, she is getting desperate and resorting to lashing out at Scott Brown with false and misleading attacks."

    (Click here to watch that video.)


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