• Youths set fire to tree house in Wilmington


    WILMINGTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Fire officials in Wilmington battled a rare blaze on Friday after a group of children set a tree house on fire.

    Officials tell FOX 25 the blaze was started by youths who were playing with matches in a Factory Road tree house. Investigators believe the group left the tree house assuming that they had successfully put out the small fire. Flames increased after they left and eventually engulfed the entire house.

    A neighbor was able to climb up the latter of the house and look inside to make sure that no one was inside.

    While fighting the blaze, there was some concern about tree branches and a nearby barrel of antifreeze. Luckily, firefighters were able to contain the fire so that nearby trees and the barrel did not act as additional fuel.

    The owner of the tree house was not home at the time. There were no reported injuries.

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