• Young boy with brain tumor rides on Burlington fire truck in 4th of July parade


    BURLINGTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The Burlington Fire Department has a new recruit, 5-year-old Dougie Davis.

    The soon to be kindergartner got his ultimate wish, to be a firefighter for a day. And that wish came with custom gear.

    "Just seeing the look on his face. He's just in complete shock. He loves it. We're never gonna get that coat off of him," Dougie's father Rich said.

    Rich's mom, Angela, says he watches "any and every fire truck show, firefighter show" every day.

    But Dougie isn't just any little boy with a love of firefighters. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor last November that caused him to have seizures. After 8-hours of surgery, doctors couldn't remove it.

    "It's been a tough road for all of us. I mean, he's just an amazing young man. He's not even a boy," Rich said.

    When the Burlington Fire Department heard Dougie's story, they pulled out all the stops for him on the Fourth of July. They even let him ride with the crew in Burlington's Independence Day parade.

    "We all have kids. All the guys here have kids, I have four kids myself. Anytime there's a sick kid like that; if it doesn't get at you, you're not human," Paul Kadilak of the Burlington Fire Department said.

    Dougie started chemotherapy treatments in December, and I'm told those will continue until March. He wears his firefighter uniform for every single one of those treatments.

    "Now he's got his own set of real gear, so nothing will stop him now," Kadilak said.

    Dougie says the best part of his day was "getting to ride on the fire truck."

    If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at any Salem Five Bank or send it to the Douglas Davis Fund, P.O. Box 2523, Woburn, MA 01888.

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