• Yarmouth dispatcher helps save choking baby


    YARMOUTH, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Yarmouth fire alarm operator saved a baby during a 911 call Tuesday.

    Yarmouth Fire Alarm Operator Rachelle Jessop received a 911 call for a baby choking and unable to breathe at about 9:30 p.m. Jessop immediately dispatched an ambulance and didn't let the caller hang up. Jessop gave lifesaving directions, instructing the family on how to perform chest compressions and rescue breathing.

    After two breaths, Jessop could hear the baby making noises and trying to cry. She then told them to place the baby on his side and monitor his breathing.

    The call lasted four minutes and 12 seconds before the ambulance arrived. The baby, who was delivered three months early, was transported to Cape Cod Hospital and is doing just fine.

    "All of our Fire Alarm Operators are Certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers; FAO Jessop's professional demeanor, ability to stay calm and rapid dispatching skills helped to saved the life of a three-month-old premature baby today. I couldn't be prouder of her actions," Acting Deputy Chief Sawyer said in a release.

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