• WPI investigates reported online abuse


    WORCESTER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Female students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute reported degrading behavior and online abuse by other students.

    At least three women reported that while having sex with fraternity members, other members rushed in and poured water on them or hit them with ice or pudding. The incidents made their way onto a Facebook page called WPI Confessions. The page allows students to post anonymously about campus life.

    WPI's Dean of Students Philip Clay told FOX 25 that the administration was contacted by students that were so concerned about the anonymous posts and the comments that followed, they felt something had to be done.

    Clay says allegations like this are taken very seriously, but this is the first time it has come from a Facebook post.

    "That's one of the challenges of these anonymous confession sites, is that there's very little information to go on so we immediately started launching the best investigation we could," he said.

    Students are outraged at the possibility of this happening.

    Freshman Arthur Lockman said, "If those stories are actually true then they were treated horribly and whoever did it should get in a lot of trouble."

    "It's ridiculous and it's childish, to be completely honest, if the specific stories that are going on are true, then it's just unacceptable," student Kimberly Rosa said.

    The posts have since been removed, but the school has still launched an investigation. WPI administration is currently working with the director of student activities, the Greek life advisor, and fraternity chapter presidents to get information as to whether the alleged incidents actually happened and which fraternity was involved.

    A letter was sent out to the campus community by Clay last week, asking anyone with information to come forward and letting students know resources are available if they've been the victim of any type of abuse.

    Clay said that any students involved in this alleged incident could be suspended and if it involves multiple fraternity members, the fraternity chapter could be closed.


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