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Worcester woman pushes for 'topless equality'


BOSTON ( -- Tourists in Boston were caught off guard Sunday by a rather unusual protest.

A Worcester woman held a topless parade through the city to raise awareness of an issue she says needs to change.

"Men can walk down the street without their shirts on, but women can't and it's discrimination against the women's chest and it's a 14th Amendment issue," explained Stacey, the protest organizer.

This is the first time Stacey has held a protest such as this in Boston, but she tells FOX 25 similar events have taken place across the country over the past six years.

"Hopefully we can get some change in the laws, but we have to get the word out to get that to happen," she said.

Those in the topless parade and protest said the reaction from people was mostly good, but others FOX 25 caught up with understood the protest could make people a little uneasy.

"Yes, that makes some people nervous and it can make some people anxious, it doesn't make me anxious or nervous, but maybe that's just because I appreciate the female body," one male attendee said with a laugh.

Stacey said it is legal for women to go topless in some states, including New York, where police have been told if a woman is shirtless, but obeying the law, they should not arrest her.