• Woman selling iPhone using popular app says she was robbed at gunpoint

    By: Jessica Reyes


    BOSTON - A woman using an app to sell an iPhone says she was robbed at gunpoint in Dorchester.

    Genessy Canario told FOX25 she met a guy who was interested in buying a phone from her on an app called ‘Offer Up.’

    It's similar to Craigslist, on which you can buy and sell things.

    Canario says she has used the app before, but this was her first time selling an iPhone.

    She says when the guy who wanted to buy it arrived at the meeting spot on Speedwell Street, he got in the backseat of her car.

    He told her he was waiting for his dad to show up with the money. But a few minutes later, Canario says a man wearing a hoodie yanked open her backseat passenger door holding a gun.

    "Next moment you know, there's a guy approaching the car and he opened the door,” Canario said. “As soon as I saw him holding that gun, I just let go and I told him, ‘here, have it.’ No point in fighting for a phone. I mean, if I’m going to die over it."

    Boston police say they are searching for the two suspects.

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