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Woman saves two children after stroller rolls into reservoir


BROOKLINE, Mass. ( -- Two children in a stroller at a reservoir in Brookline accidentally rolled into the waters on Monday afternoon, until a runner rushed in to get them out.

That runner is being credited with that incredible rescue.

“I'll credit adrenaline I guess at this point,” she said. The young woman, Rebecca, did not want to share her last name and is credited for what police call a heroic act.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable!” said Brookline Sgt. Robert Disario.

He says Rebecca's actions speak much louder than words.

Out for a jog, Rebecca saw the stroller rolling right into the reservoir.

"On my second lap from about a hundred yards away the women had their backs turned and the stroller was moving towards the reservoir and I thought, 'uh oh!'"

Rebecca says that's when her adrenaline kicked in...

“About five seconds later it went over the edge that's when I blacked out and sprinted.”

The babies were face down. Rebecca didn't hesitate; she jumped right in.

"The babies were down and I was thinking, 'I hope I hear them cry, I hope I hear them cry,' and when I flipped it one of the little girls started crying.”

Not only is it a big drop into the reservoir, but once she jumped in, Rebecca realized she couldn't touch the bottom. That was a problem, because one of the mothers also leaped in, but she could not swim.

"Then one of them jumped in and I ended up having to drag her out, too.”

Rebecca was once a lifeguard and says instinct kicked in. But police say it was much more than that.

"There's a higher power that has a plan and she was meant to be here today to save those kids.”