• Woman accused of leaving child alone in car so she could drink


    HINGHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Hingham woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly leaving a baby alone in a car so she could drink.

    The 21-year-old was spotted by an off-duty officer at the restaurant Stars on Hingham Harbor before 10 a.m. The woman was allegedly drinking at the bar with the infant at her side.

    She apparently tried to order a second drink, but was refused by staff at the eatery. Officials say the woman then left with the infant, but returned 10 minutes later alone.

    Police were called, and saw the child in the car under a blanket. They asked the woman for her keys to check on the child and she questioned them and became loud. The child was awake in the car and appeared to be in good condition, but was still transported to the hospital for evaluation. DCF was notified of the incident.

    Police arrested the woman on charges of reckless endangerment to a child and disturbing the peace.

    The owner of the restaurant is pleased that his staff reacted the way they did.

    "I'm just pleased to know that my staff responded the way that they did and we have great, great people here and they really care and that's I think what really is the core of what goes on here and that's what happened here, they cared so they did something about it," he said.

    The mother was arraigned Thursday. Hingham police are not releasing her identity for the welfare of the child.

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